Blender Visual Keyboard Shortcut Refernce

Blender Shortcuts Visual Keyboard Reference

Blender Shortcuts Visual Keyboard Reference

Βlender, what a gift to the world! While there’s a plethora of books and tutorials available, I quickly felt the need for a quick-to-access cheat sheet of sorts for Blender’s keyboard shortcuts, to help me harness the application’s full potential.
I thus came up with this visual keyboard shortcut reference, grouped by auxiliary keys (shift, control, alt). I hope it proves as useful to you as it has to me!



This is work in progress…

In its current state, the package contains the Main Shortcuts on Object & Edit mode combinations with the SHIFT, CONTROL & ALT key. Each auxiliary key will correspond to one shortcut/hotkeys page.

I want this!

If you get this part of the series, you will also receive the rest of the parts for free!

Additional donations are greatly appreciated. Your contributions will help me improve and keep this documentation up to date as time goes by… :)

May your every day be an awesome Blender day!

Created by Martha Koumarianou / Sheismartha.com
Blender Version 2.9 – 09/2020
Cheat Sheet Reference Version 1.0
Main Shortcuts with Auxiliary Key / Object & Edit mode