Skroumbelos / C + P Architects & Associates

Skroumbelos ArchitectsThe design office cskr architects ‘costis skroumbelos and associates architects «Urban planning, Architecture, Eco design» was founded by Costis Skroumbelos at 1999 while earlier he had with Elias Skroumbelos the E. Skroumbelos and associates Ltd , in order to proceed into the design, study and supervision of public and private projects. At 2010 Phoivos Skroumbelos was joint the company as partner and the company changed to “skroumbelos c + ph architects and associates” . The company today has about 15 persons working on design architectural projects and urban planning projects.The office is offering design and supervision of public and private buildings. Dedicated to the interface between 21st-century culture and architecture, “skroumbelos c + ph architects and associates” is an international architectural and urban design services firm with over 1 billion euro worth of projects for institutional, private, and civic clients. The company today has its own offices in the centre of Athens. Projects that the company has designed are Airports, Universities, Hospitals, Congress Halls, Museums, Housing Complexes, Urban Developments, Hotels, Office Buildings e.t.c.


Year: 2010

By Sheismartha Studios

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