National & Kapodistrian University of Athens / Faculty of Early Childhood Education

ecdUntil the 1980’s the education of preschool and primary school teachers took place in  teacher-training institutes of two-year long programs, the so-called Schools of Preschool Teachers and Pedagogic Academies respectively. However, in 1982 four-year higher education programs were established with the aim of a scientifically-based training of teachers.  Greece was, in fact, one of the first countries in Europe to undertake such a reform of teacher training, moreover at a time of an in-depth curriculum reconstruction of its primary and secondary education.

The structure and function of education faculties in higher education in Greece were delineated by Law 1268/82 (article 1, paragraph 2) and the Presidential Decree 320/83 (article 2). The earliest Faculties of Education were established at the Universities of Athens, Thessaloniki, Patra, Ioannina and Crete in the academic year 1984-1985 and were subsequently expanded.  More particularly, the Faculty of Education for Preschool Teachers was established at the University of Athens in the academic year 1987-1988 bearing its first graduates in 1991. In 1997 it was, however, renamed Faculty of Early Childhood Education (FECE). While traditionally connected with preschool education, it is now oriented to early school education as well, as the second year of kindergarten has recently become compulsory for all children in Greece and thus an early school phase.


Year: 2013

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